The Research and Innovation portal has been designed to support companies, professionals and research bodies in the development of innovative projects and in the dissemination of their results.In the start-up phase, the proposed research and innovations are placed within the circular economy with particular reference to the "waste" treatment sector.The research is coordinated by Green Tech Italy, leader of the regional cluster "Veneto Green Cluster".The Cluster gathers around a hundred subjects among companies, institutions, professionals and research centers, united in the proposal / realization of the projects.The technological support platform was designed with the specific objective of:

  • reduce the entry barrier to participation in research projects, thus allowing even smaller companies to access the results of innovation;
  • use the technological lever as the basis of planning:
    • for the dissemination of information;
    • as a collaborative tool in project management;
    • for process standardization;
  • create a network of collaboration between institutions and companies as a catalyst for economic development.

The Portal is open to the interdisciplinary contribution of research institutes, companies and professionals of the European Union who want to make available the results achieved in their field for the more general objective of the evolution of the company.

Publication frequency

The portal has a monthly publication frequency, including regulatory updates as well as articles and news on the "Circular Economy".

Open access policy

The Portal makes information related to research freely accessible to the public, in the logic that a global exchange of knowledge is an important growth factor for the entire human race.The authors of the published articles remain copyright holders and guarantee third parties the right to use, reproduce and share the article under the "Creative Commons" license agreement.

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