Green Tech Italy is the leader of the innovative regional network Veneto Green Cluster and has the objective of economically enhancing the potential generated by the integration of the waste industry with other industrial sectors or services with a high content of knowledge with particular regard to the projects started by the cluster .

Our "Mission"

The main objectives are summarized below:

  • Support Cluster projects through a technological platform:
    • dedicata alla ricerca industriale e allo sviluppo sperimentale di applicazioni
    • to technological solutions aimed at transforming waste into renewable resources and energy, specializing in the recovery and / or reuse of "valuable" waste for industrial and / or energy purposes, in the various production sectors.
  • Support the cluster as an information hub for the exchange of information and knowledge on the optimization of physical processes of waste recycling and optimization of logistics flows, in a logic of internal and external supply chain and intermodality.

Our "Values"

  • People: respect everyone everywhere and in all conditions.
  • Partners: to nurture a winning network made up of projects and objectives, creating mutual and lasting value.
  • Planet: being responsible and driving a positive change.
  • Responsibility: maximizing long-term value for our Region, Nation, Europe in the awareness of our global responsibilities.


ICE Toolkit

Boîtes à outils d'aide à la décision

pour l'économie circulaire

pour la transition Verte

pour l'analyse du cycle de vie

Processus de Simulation


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